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Former Colin Powell Advisor: Bet on War with Iran in 3 Years

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Former Colin Powell Chief of Staff Lawrence Wilkerson spoke to Alyona Minkovski and expressed his fears that America's covert war with Iran will become a reality within three years:

Wilkerson's argument that the same people who got us into the war in Iraq are making the same arguments for war with Iran is a powerful one. The combination of a crumbling economy at home, an ultra powerful weapons industry and the militant Israeli lobby is a potent combination for war.

Wars distract people from problems at home, fund weapons manufacturers and give access to natural resources that would be otherwise unavailable. If Obama allows himself to be boxed in by those with a vested interest in war, it could end disastrously. America cannot put another war on the credit card - it would break the economy beyond repair and possibly trigger a region wide war that would never end. Iranians will not sit back and allow the US to bully it, and if we thought the Iraq war was a bloodbath, we've got a very rude awakening in store.

Obama needs to find his voice here and prevent the US from ruining itself. This could well be the most important battle of his Presidency.

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