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Quote of the Day: The Rise of Gingrich

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Newt Gingrich

Chez Pazienza on the tragic consequences of America's serious Attention Deficit Disorder:

How do we know our attention spans are shrinking, that vast swaths of our culture have turned into Lenny from Memento? Newt Gingrich -- a guy who just a few months ago was declared DOA because of a series of monumental screw-ups, a guy with a long history of personal and professional baggage that should doom any political aspirations he might have from the very start -- is now the frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination.

While it is certainly alarming that a politician as nakedly greedy, corrupt and downright unpleasant as Gingrich is leading the Republican field, if he ends up running against Obama, it spells certain doom for the GOP. While Gingrich may be up in the polls right now, he doesn't stand a chance against the well oiled Obama election machine. Gingrich is savvy enough to outfox the unbelievably lame field he is running against, but all that will change come 2012 when he comes up against a politician with a brain. Because as much of 'an idea' candidate Gingrich is portraying himself as, he really doesn't have any substantive policy proposals that can stand up to serious scrutiny. The Republicans don't mind their candidates lying through their teeth, but as weak as the Democratic Party may sometimes be, veracity still counts for something and they will have a field day with Gingrich's litany of whoppers.

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