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No Comment on the Republican Debates

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Herman Cain

Every time I put aside an evening to watch the GOP debates, I find myself unable to muster the strength to sit through 90 minutes of one of the most embarassing spectacles in US political history. I must confess that I have only seen segments of some of the debates - all of which were so horrific I simply could not bring myself to continue watching. The mere presence of figures like Herman Cain, Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann are so demeaning to the race that it seems shameful to take the debates seriously.

The other 'serious' candidates are run of the mill corporatists with varying degrees of intelligence - the brightest being Romney and the strangest being Paul - all of whom would do serious damage to the country should they get into power. Their unyielding loyalty to corporate power is so extreme that they would literally break what is left of government and turn the country over to big oil, the insurance industry and the banks. The Democrats provide a thin shield protecting the most vulnerable, and a Mitt Romney or a Rick Santorum would rip it up in an instant and throw them to the wolves.

The answers to all the questions posed by the corporate media are predictable - either pro business and anti regulation or completely insane. Listening to Herman Cain try to explain his foreign policy position is like listening to a 4 year old talk about algebra (he doesn't actually understand the concept of 'foreign').

Rick Perry's meltdown on the details of government were perhaps the funniest moment of the debates thus far, a brutal indictment of how completely stupid the GOP has become.

While the plethora of ridiculous clips have provided much comedy for everyone, they are ultimately depressing. The future of America is becoming bleaker by the day and the GOP candidates symbolize the rotting of an entire political party, and possibly a nation.

I won't be commenting on the debates until the new year when I really have to. It is just too emotionally draining.

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