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Why Cain Won't Win the General Election

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Herman Cain Speaks At Values Voter Summit

Chez Pazienza on the unfortunate reality Herman Cain is now facing:

A gaffe-prone black guy won't win the GOP nomination if there's an equally conservative gaffe-prone white guy to get behind. And a cartoonish pizza salesman with zero governmental experience who in the span of just 24 hours has said, "People that want to be lazy and not help themselves, well, that’s their little boogie-woogie," and "When people get on the Cain train, they don't get off," isn't gonna win the general election.

The carnival show has been going on for months now, and it looks like the crazies are beginning to fall apart. Rick Perry has proven to be a one trick pony unable to talk coherently about anything other than his belief in Jesus, Michele Bachmann has lost the support of the Tea Party who no longer consider her serious, and Herman Cain is simply too stupid to partake in policy discussion or keep control of his campaign. The sexual harassment scandal keeps growing, and his inability to articulate his side of the argument is costing him dearly. 

I've long held the belief that Mitt Romney doesn't have to do much to win this - he needs to appear knowledgable about policy, look Presidential, and generally keep quiet during the debates. The other candidates are doing a fine job of sabotaging their own campaigns, making Romney's path to the general election clearer by the day.

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