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Gross Inequality an Enemy of Conservatism Too

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Andrew Sullivan continues to make the argument from the Right that crony capitalism must go:

It is one thing to bail out the banks because it is in our own interests to do so, however painful. It is another to ask the middle class to bear the entire burden, while the bankers take home their massive bonuses, double-down on lobbying to keep re-regulation at bay, and have the Congress so wrapped around their fingers financially that the core trust required to make market capitalism - and liberal democracy - work evaporates.

I think it is worth making the point over and over again that America is a corporate socialist state - the complete antithesis of a free market society. Income inequality is literally built into the system; the rich control the state and use it to protect their wealth. They ensure government funds emerging markets, then privatize the profit when the industries become profitable, they use tax payers money when ventures go wrong and they need bailing out, and rig the tax code to ensure they pay a fraction of their earnings.

How this system got labeled 'conservative' is anyone's guess - it's a gigantic fraud that has turned America into one of the most unequal societies in human history. Both the Left and Right should agree on that.