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New Lunatic Joins GOP Presidential Hunt

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Image by Wyscan via Flickr

Terry Jones

Just when you thought the GOP Presidential race couldn't get any funnier. From TPM:

Quran burning pastor Terry Jones, last seen protesting Sharia law outside the White House and accidentally setting off his gun during a trip to Michigan, is getting ready to light up the presidential race.

A press release from Jones’ Stand Up For America Now announced his bid for the White House on Wednesday.

The kicker: stopping Sharia law — or anything anti-Muslim related — didn’t even make his platform.

It looks like Jones is running on the classic 'cut everything' Republican mantra and has opted to tone down the fire and brimstone rhetoric that made him famous. I guess this makes him a moderate of sorts (in real world terms, still a complete lunatic).

Jones has yet to file paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, but fingers crossed he gets a move on so the real fun can begin.

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