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Quote of the Day: Why Left and Right Should Unite on Wall St Protests

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Occupy Wall St. Protest in Zucotti Park Octobe...

Matt Taibbi on why the 'Occupy Wall St' movement should transcend traditional political labels:

This is an issue for the traditional "left" because it's a classic instance of overweening corporate power -- but it's an issue for the traditional "right" because these same institutions are also the biggest welfare bums of all time, de facto wards of the state who sucked trillions of dollars of public treasure from the pockets of patriotic taxpayers from coast to coast.

The Right is desperately trying to frame the movement as a conspiracy between latte sipping liberals and radical Leftists (see Taibbi's hilarious piece on Rush Limbaugh's freakout over how to react to the protests), but this time it looks like the age old spectrum defined by the media isn't washing. Protesters of all age, race and occupation are involved in the movement, defying the Left/Right characterization that has strangled progress in America for decades.

Being broke and in debt goes beyond Right and Left, and no matter how many multimillionaire media figures try to argue otherwise, the reality seems to be trumping the Fox News version of events.

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