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Photo/Quote of the Week: Occupy Wall St Movement Now For Real

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The protests taking place on Wall St and around the country are snowballing into something far, far more serious than previously thought. Just take a look at the photo below:


Chez Pazienza sums it up:

It's more than just a bunch of "deluded kids" now. It's the impossible-to-deny men and women who've found themselves crushed under the heel of an unaccountable and out-of-control corporate culture -- of those consistently on the winning end of the rigged, zero-sum game that success in America has gruesomely morphed into at the beginning of the 21st century. They're part of the vanishing middle-class -- and they're fucking sick of it. We're fucking sick of it.

The effectiveness of mass movements are hard to predict - in recent history they have proved completely useless (the protests against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were completely ignored by our governments) - but there's no telling what could come of the fury being directed at the banks. As Chez rightly points out, people are sick and tired of the game they know is rigged against them. Social mobility has ground to a halt and there is little optimism for the future. There are no jobs, no security and no real hope of the American dream. And they know who screwed them.

And now it appears that they have had enough.

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