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Quote of the Day: Don't Dress Like a Dope Smoking Hobo

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Oliver Willis on the Wall St protesters inability to dress seriously:

If you dress up like a dope-smoking hobo, expect to be treated like one and not be taken seriously. Get a haircut. Wear a nice shirt. Carry a sign with a message that makes some kind of sense to an average American.

It might work.

Oliver also contrasted today's protesters:

With those of the past:

Notice the difference? As Oliver points out, the civil rights marches actually worked and there may be lessons to be learned.

I'm all for protest and would like to do more myself. I'm reticent to criticize those out there actually doing something, but I do believe the message can be lost when protesters make it about alternative hippy culture rather than the issue itself. People can wear anything they like, but if you turn up for a job interview semi naked and unshaven, you are unlikely to get the job. The same thing goes for serious political issues. If you don't want to engage with the majority of the population who don't dress/act like you, then don't expect them to listen to you either. Protesting then become meaningless and self indulgent, detracting from the cause the protesters claim so passionately to care about.

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