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Quote of the Week: Planet Republican

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Mars 2

Bob Cesca on the alternate universe created by the Republican Party:

Their ability to shape their own reality -- to blame the president for the entire recession while simultaneously rigging the game against the recovery is unprecedented in American political history. It's evidence that the modern Republican Party has ceased to be driven by policy and ideas, and, instead, has become nothing more than a marketing and advertising firm selling candidates like packs of cigarettes. You'll look cool and it'll feel so good. They fish you in, get you hooked and you wind up voting against your own best interests while lamenting, "Why-oh-why does the nation have cancer? Must be the black guy." It's infomercial fiction pitched and sold using Fox News propaganda, AM talk radio fury, cinematic production values, easy-to-remember Frank Luntz zingers and all varieties of star-spangled cheerleading. They've been able to so effectively whitewash their guilt in this economic mess that the current Republican frontrunner is a top-down J.J. Abrams reboot of George W. Bush (who actually was the president when the economy collapsed).

This alternate universe makes up the basis for Republican policy - it is grounded in a reality where cutting government spending equals more job creation, where tax cuts means more revenue, and where bipartisanship means saying no to everything. The current incarnation of the GOP is more akin to a terrorist organization than a political party. It is willing to destroy everything in order to attain power, and it cannot be negotiated with. I strive to be impartial when analyzing politics, but it is impossible when one side of the political spectrum refuses to enagage in reality or rational debate. 2 + 2 does not equal 5 no matter how loud they shout, and indulging their arguments is only a recipe for disaster.

It seems like the Democrats have finally got the message and are attempting to redefine the parameters of debate - Obama has been on the trail ridiculing assertions made by the GOP and he has made a real effort to point out their lies. However, it is a difficult task given the Republican's strategy of moving their ideology so far to the Right that it no longer resembles anything in the party's history.

There is only a year left to chip away at the mountain of distortions, propaganda and outright falsehoods churned out by the GOP spin machine for the past 3 years, a herculean task for a President in charge of one of the worst economic climates in modern history. Let's just hope he's up to the task.

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