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Official End of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

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Finally! From the Guardian:

An 18-year-old law that prevented serving US military personnel from disclosing that they were gay has been formally repealed.

At one minute past midnight eastern time (0401 GMT), the controversial don't ask don't tell (DADT) law was abolished after its repeal was signed into law some nine months ago.

Introduced by President Clinton in 1993 as a compromise step to full equality, DADT allowed gay and lesbian members of the military to serve only if their sexuality remained secret or was not reported.

The Servicemembers Legal Defence Network estimates that since the law's introduction, 13,000 gay men and lesbians have been discharged after their sexual orientation was revealed.

Andrew Sullivan reacts:

It's another landmark in the integration of gay citizens into their own country - and a way in which gay patriotism, service and sacrifice can one day be honored in exactly the way as straight patriotism, service and sacrifice always rightly have been.

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