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Democracy is Still Alive: Demonstrators Take Over Wall St

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One of the saddest aspects of American political culture is the disconnect between reality and perception. In response to a grossly unfair system of corporate socialism, many middle class Americans channel their rage against programs that would actually benefit them like education, welfare and health care. Rather than direct their understandable anger against the banks, organizations like the Tea Party ensure the system that works against them grows stronger, fuelling anti government resentment and empowering Republicans to dismantle what is left of the crumbling state.

However, there are still many Americans who understand what has happened to them - they see the bailouts to the banks and the corporations and watch their jobs being outsourced abroad. They understand that the only entity left between them and corporate slavery is government, and they seek to reform and not destroy it.

Over the weekend, thousands of Americans descended on Wall St to demand an end to the looting of their country by greedy speculators - a sign that no matter how embattled they are, people are still willing to fight for democracy:

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