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Welcome to Crazy Land

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Sadly, the Republican debate last night lived up to all expectations. And those expectation were so low it would have taken Snooki from Jersey Shore to make the debate more intellectually vacant.

The neatly coiffed candidates spent the entire night arguing for less government, less taxes, less spending, less health care, and fewer immigrants - so predictably monotone that it was impossible to tell them apart despite the choreographed spats. The candidates hurled meaningless statistics at each other attempting to appear more in 'commmand of the facts' than the others despite not understanding the topics they were discussing. Michele Bachmann pretended to understand the crisis in Libya while Rick Perry pretended to understand the science behind evolution (that he didn't agree with). No candidate believed government could play a constructive role in rebuilding America, rendering their quest to run government completely pointless. In short, it was a circus act and a disgrace to real conservatism and not worth discussing in too much detail. I'll be posting reactions from around the blogosphere later.

The highlights: