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Tony Blair Revealed to be God Father to Murdoch's Daughter

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Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingd...

The ongoing revelations about the incestuous relationship between the media and political establishment in Britain took another twist when it was revealed yesterday that Tony Blair is God Father to Rupert Murdoch's 9 year old daughter. From the Telegraph:

The former prime minister was reportedly present in March last year when Murdoch’s two daughters by his third wife were baptised on the banks of the Jordan.

The information was not made public and its disclosure in an interview with Mrs Murdoch in Vogue will prove highly embarrassing for MrBlair.

His close ties to the Murdochs could explain his reluctance to condemn the News International phone hacking scandal.....

No mention was made of Mr Blair’s role as a godfather to Grace and he did not appear in pictures of the ceremony, which took place at the spot where it is said that Jesus was baptised.

However, the facts emerged in an interview with Mrs Murdoch in the fashion magazine.

Blair already has a horrendous image in the UK due to his behaviour over the Iraq war, and the new facts regarding his relationship with Rupert Murdoch will only serve to further damage his historical standing. Blair is considered by many to be a narcissistic social climber who put his own quest for power and influence ahead of the country's, and this insight into just how close he was to the Murdoch empire sadly corroborates that view.

It is quite an indictment of a supposed Labour Party leader that Blair spent much of his time in office saddling up to the business community, the Right wing press, and George Bush. The damage he has caused to left wing politics is immeasurable and hopefully now people will recognize him for what he was - a market driven Neo-Con merely dressed as a liberal.

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