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Quote of the Day: Can We Have Our Money Back Please?

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Rick Perry shows us around his office. He's Te...

Bob Cesca on Republicans hell bent on ridiculing the Federal government despite taking money when it suits them:

They suffer from outrageously selective amnesia by ignoring the unparalleled bloodshed of the Civil War and suggest that states could potentially secede from the Union and somehow continue to thrive without tax dollars from citizens in other states — dollars that are collected and redistributed by the federal government and provided to the states to pay for crucial programs. Or in the case of Rick Perry, your tax dollars and my tax dollars were spread around to Texas where they helped to balance the budget there, even though Rick Perry would probably call me a socialist for supporting similar $6.4 billion endeavors. As I wrote last time, Perry asked for federal money that was redistributed from taxpayers in other states to ameliorate his $6.9 billion budget crisis. I can’t help but to wonder how Rick Perry would have attained that massive bailout, funded by the president’s evil stimulus bill, had he acted upon his threat to secede.

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