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Hilarious Deconstruction of a Tea Party Nut

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Protester at Madison, WI Tea Party in April 2009.

A Tea Party member left the following rant on one of Chez Pazienza's pieces about the lunacy of GOP economics (a piece well worth reading by way):

One common thread seen in liberal blogs is confusion and rage. I felt that way too in my twenties when I had no idea how the world worked and was pissed I wasn't being handed out free money.

And in this liberal blog like all the rest we see that same rage reflected, and understandably.

Since few of the commenters here - and certainly not the writer - are interested in free market economics, it follows that you're not interested in what screws up free market economics, are you?

Instead you rail against those of us who pay your bills under that system, and that we're not paying you enough.

We on the right were all just like you once, and are happy to pay your bills only to the point that you learn how to do it yourself.

You can even call us greedy when we keep a little of our earnings for ourselves."

-- Todd Dunning

Never one to shy away from a good verbal fisticuff, Chez replied with the following withering put down:

It might be a good idea, Todd, that before you begin criticizing the supposed rage-filled rants of others you do your homework and not make your own blanket assumptions about the people your diatribes are aimed at. I can't speak for everyone on this particular thread -- although I do know the backgrounds of one or two people here -- but I haven't been some doe-eyed kid in almost two decades, at least. I'll be 42 in December and trust me when I tell you I have a damn good idea how the world works. I've earned a very nice living throughout my life and continue to do better than a lot of people. You're not providing the financial charity without which I and at least a good portion of the readers here wouldn't be able to speak our minds. So please spare me the tired maxim that if you're a conservative at 20 you have no heart and if you're a liberal at 40 you have no brain. I guarantee you you're not the one and only "adult" in the room, as you seem to condescendingly believe you are. Thanks for being the very sort of cliché you conveniently decry, though.

I still find it amazing that semi-intelligent people can latch on to the Tea Party philosophy. It is so obviously idiotic that it must take wilful ignorance to fight the cause in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence. The more the government cuts, the worse the economy gets, yet Tea Party activists insist that overreaching government is the cause of the nation's problems. Obama passed the one of largest tax cuts in US history, yet the Tea Party believes he is a socialist. Taxation as a whole is at a 60 year low, yet Tea Party activists yearn for the days of Ronald Reagan (when taxes were higher).

It's madness, and given reason doesn't work, the only thing left to do is laugh at them.

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