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Jon Steward Dismantles Fox New's Class Warfare Obsession

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Other than promoting America's foreign wars and attacking minorities, one of the most disgusting things Fox News engages in is non-stop propaganda for crony capitalism. In fact, you could argue that the entire point of the news network is to convince poor white Americans that they should vote against their own interests. One of the (many) ways they do this is to deify the rich. Fox news promotes millionaires and billionaires as true American heroes - self made pionneers, job creators and evil socialist fighters. Laughably, they attempt to rationalize tax cuts for the mega wealthy arguing it would't make a dent in the national debt. In this hilarious video, Jon Stewart takes the network and their claims to task, ridiculing their stomach turning pleas to end Left wing 'class warfare' and dismantling the claims that billionaires cannot help reduce the deficit:

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