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Is Ron Paul Insane?

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Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Co...

Chez Pazienza boils down the competing theories as to why Ron Paul is largely ignored by the mainstream media, despite his obvious popularity (Paul actually finished second in the Iow straw poll last week - a fact no one seems to recall):

There are two contradictory arguments that can be made here. One is that the amount of media attention a candidate gets can often help drive how seriously he or she is taken. In other words, if the press completely ignores someone, so does the general public; its subtle proclamation that a candidate doesn't deserve to be taken seriously becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The second is that if the political media are supposedly so wise to being taken for a ride, why the hell did they once again chomp on the unbelievable line of bullshit fed to them a few months back by perennial con-man Donald Trump? The easy answer is that Trump makes for great TV and a lot of page hits; Ron Paul just comes off, as Jon Stewart alluded to, like some crazy uncle you hope skips the big Thanksgiving dinner.

I actually lean towards the first argument, not because I think Paul isn't a little crazy, but because in comparison to the other Republicans, he's a bastion of reason and sanity. He also speaks the truth, a big no no in the corporate news world.

Generally speaking, I believe that Ron Paul's analysis of America's fiscal and political problems is correct - he understands that the US isn't a free market society and engages mostly in crony capitalism, his take on the Fed is worth listening to, and he certainly doesn't agree with American foreign policy.  However, his solutions to America's problems are completely insane. Unadulterated free markets have proven time and time again to be disastrous, and Paul's brand of extreme capitalism would irrepairably damage what is left of the US economy. Paul is an ideologue, and generally speaking, ideologues should be kept well away from government.

Sadly, I don't believe the mainstream media avoids Paul because of his fiscal philosophy. More likely, they stay away from him because he tells the truth about the ridiculously corrupt monetary system they all do rather nicely out of, and doesn't care about ridiculing the foreign wars they all helped sell to the US public.

Ron Paul's exclusion from the main stream press isn't about hiding Ron Paul, it's about hiding from the truth - a battle tested speciality of the corporate media.

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