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The Best Political Show on Television

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If you want serious political analysis, good journalism and real debate, you cannot rely on American network news to provide it. CNN, MSNBC and Fox are all engaged in a laughable ratings war that has seen journalistic standards disappear and political commentary plunge to the level of a reality show.

Thankfully, all is not lost and foreign broadcasters have filled the deepening chasm left by the warring American mega corporations. Al Jazeera, the BBC and RT (formerly Russia Today) have been mining the American television market providing excellent journalism and thought provoking commentary.

Given my own personal political persuasion and commentary style, I have always found Alyona Minkovski's show 'The Alyona Show' on RT to be the best of the foreign news/commentary programs. Alyona provides biting analysis, real journalism and lively debate on her show that broadcasts every evening at 6pm ET. Alyona is telegenic and articulate, making it an easy show to watch for an hour, but her originality and integrity really makes it something worth tuning into. Her guests range from DC politicians to UK Hip Hop artists and the debate never conforms to the beltway point scoring sessions you see on the American news networks.

Alyona recently did an interview on CSPAN about her show, and I'd urge everyone to check it out. Mark my words, Alyona will be a big force in journalism in the coming years, and during this interview, you'll see why:

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