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First London Riot Fatality, Violence Set to Continue

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Not good news from the UK capitol. From the Independent:

A young man shot in his car during last night's "unprecedented" rioting died today.

A murder hunt was launched as police announced that the 26-year-old victim had died after being admitted to hospital.

He was discovered in a car suffering from gunshot wounds at about 9.15pm as trouble flared in Croydon, south London, last night.

Scotland Yard described last night's violence as the worst it had seen "in current memory" for "unacceptable levels of widespread looting, fires and disorder".

Along with the 26-year-old who was fatally shot, a total of 44 officers were wounded in the capital and a man in his 60s suffered life-threatening head injuries.

I'll be on the RT network discussing the riots later on today. Link to follow.

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