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Disturbing Footage from London Riots

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Vice Magazine has done a great report on the first wave of violence on the streets of London. The footage below shows youths openly confronting the police, attacking them with weapons and smashing up their cars:

How long it takes before relations are repaired between the younger generation and the police is anyone's guess, but given the footage above, it's unlikely to be any time soon.

I have spoken to several friends and family members in London, the general mood is one of fear and uncertainty. The streets are empty and most shops are closed. I have heard of people running from tube stations to their houses to avoid marauding gangs and people refusing to go to work to escape danger.

I have never heard Londoners speak about our city like this, and it is frightening.

Right now London is at war with itself, a terrifying realization that its citizens are now beginning to comprehend.

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