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The Corporate Terrorist Party

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terrorists at Mumbai with AK 47

After it's despicable behavior during the debt ceiling negotiations, the Republican party must no longer be considered a political party. It's agenda is now so extreme that it must be considered a direct threat to the Republic.

It has used the debt ceiling as a way of destroying what is left of welfare for the poor, smashing desperately needed infrastructure projects and ruining education for America's children. Above all, it has severely undermined the ability of the federal government to act as an actual government.

The threat to default on the nations debt payments in order to pass an extreme economic agenda was unprecedented in the nation's history and has paved the way for a dangerous game of political terrorism. The GOP now knows that all it has to do to get it's way is to threaten the ability of the government to actually govern - a fearsome weapon that can yield unlimited results given the republicans are not actually responsible for anything. Having presided over record deficits and the biggest recession in 80 years while in office, the Republican Party has no leg to stand on when it comes to fiscal responsibility. Yet it continues to parade itself as a conservative party concerned with the country's finances.

The truth is that the GOP has no interest in fiscal responsibility - it merely acts as a channel for giant corporations and the mega wealthy to pass legislation that ensures their wealth continues to grow while the rest of the nation suffers. They are economic terrorists working for the destruction of government for the people and by the people. Their aim is to create a corporatocracy reliant on cheap and expendable labor. They will destroy welfare, health care, education and unions to achieve their dream of deregulated markets, preserving the power of the Federal government only for themselves.

When the next crash comes, as it inevitably will, Republicans will urge the government to supply cheap loans and bailouts for their campaign contributors. The poor and middle classes will be left to rot while they claim that bailing out the rich isn't socialism and funding education is. The current incarnation of the GOP is a greater threat to the United States than any terrorist organization. And it should be considered one.

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