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The Democrats Won't Fight

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Matt Taibbi has some choice words for the Democrats after the debt ceiling fiasco:

The Republicans in this debt debate fought like wolves or alley thugs, biting and scratching and using blades and rocks and shards of glass and every weapon they could reach.

The Democrats, despite sitting in the White House, the most awesome repository of political power on the planet, didn't fight at all. They made a show of a tussle for a good long time -- as fixed fights go, you don't see many that last into the 11th and 12th rounds, like this one did -- but at the final hour, they let out a whimper and took a dive.

It is sad to say, but you have to agree with Taibbi here - the Democrats simply allowed the GOP to frame the debate, dig their heels in and get exactly what they wanted. Even if they lose in the short term, standing up to the fanatical Tea Party is an absolute necessity if the Democrats are concerned about long term survival as a barely left of center political party (and even that is debatable).Voters like to see politicians fight for something, and given the best the Democrats could do this time around was ensure the deal didn't put children out on the street, their credibilty is at an all time low.

Where does the country go from here? Sadly, it doesn't look too good. The debt ceiling debate has proved that the United States no longer functions as a first world democracy. It is a deeply corrupt corporatocracy that has been hijacked by a lunatic fringe of extremists. While it still looks like a democratic country run by a competent government, it is in fact a viciously sectarian nation in a state of rapid decline. While the rising super powers invest trillions of dollars in green tech and infrastructure, the United States is kicking poor people off welfare and selling of its assets to generate enough money to keep its schools open.

The Republican party has become highly adept at disrupting government, essentially rendering it meaningless in the face of a severe economic crisis and multiple foreign wars. Thanks to Republican influence (and complete acquiescence by the Democrats) the Federal government now acts as a rubber stamp for corporate abuse, highly risky financial practices and the pillaging ot middle America.

While we thought it couldn't get much worse after Bush, it seems the rabid Right has only just begun its war against common sense and America itself.

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