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Rush Limbaugh's Alternate Reality

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I try not to listen to people like Rush Limbaugh because after a while, I start to get confused. I say confused not because their arguments persuade me but because I find it incomprehensible that anyone could be so divorced from reality. In this clip from his radio show, Limbaugh repeats over and over again that tax cuts generate revenue for the government.

In the short term, it is impossible for the government to collect less money from its citizens and then magically have more money to spend. It is simply mathematically impossible. There may be an argument that the structure of taxation can impede revenue in the long term (targeted tax cuts or increases can certainly lead to economic growth in certain parts of the economy), but given the government is about to default on its debt in the very near future, slashing taxes for the rich would be absolutely catastrophic given the government needs more money to spend on things like social security, infrastructure and welfare. George Bush cut taxes and increased spending, and as basic mathematics would dictate, the government ran out of money. Obama wants to cut spending and increase taxes to close the deficit, but Limbaugh can't see how that would make things better.

What is the conclusion? Sadly, at 60 years of age, Rush Limbaugh still cannot add up.

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