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BP Building Island to Circumvent Off Shore Drilling Laws

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Northstar Island, an artificial island in the ...

After causing billions of dollars worth of damage to the gulf region and untold amounts of devastation to eco systems and wildlife, BP is continuing to live up to its reputation as one of the most despicable companies on the planet. From Business Insider:

The offshore drilling moratorium that is falling apart in court already contains one major loophole -- and there's little surprise which company is threading the needle.

BP plans to begin drilling two miles under the sea just miles away from a delicate wildlife reserve in Alaska. The company will get around the deep-water moratorium by constructing an artificial island -- 31 acres of gravel -- and registering as an onshore rig.

We'll wait and see if the White House steps in to stop this nonsense, but given the US Government's propensity to look the other way when it comes to issues like this, it's probably unlikely.

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