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40 Hour Work Week Now Considered 'Part Time'

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According to a recent study by the Center for American Progress, Americans now believe that what most industrialized countries consider a full work week is in fact part time. Reports the Business Insider:

Americans consider a 40-hour work week as "part time" in most professional jobs and as a sign of a stagnant career, according to a recent study by the Center for American Progress.

The financial reward for working longer hours has increased substantially in the past 30 years, especially for professional men.

The study, "The Poor, the Professionals, and the Missing Middle" says:

"The long-hours premium is particularly apparent in job categories with the largest earnings inequality within a given group. In other words, hours have spiraled up as men strive to ensure they don’t end up as 'losers.'"

While the Right insists that the break down of the family unit is a result of a lack of Christian morals, they seem unwilling to factor in the insane work culture that keeps two parents working full time in order to house and feed their children. Increasing work hours is a logical conclusion of unfettered capitalism - if there are no regulations to stop people from working themselves into the ground, in a highly competitive culture based on a relentless drive for material wealth, that is exactly what you will get.

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