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Two Visions of America

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U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

Check out this sparring session between Bernie Sanders, Al Franken and Rand Paul on healthcare for seniors. Sanders and Franken lay out a progressive vision for the country, articulating a government run approach to ensuring access to health care for seniors in poverty, while Rand Paul countered with his free market, private sector philosophy. Both sides argue that their approach saves money in the long run (h/t Oliver Willis):

The problem with Paul's philosophy is that it clearly hasn't worked. Sander's and Franken's point that America has some of the worst health care outcomes on the planet is a result of a largely free market system. If your aim is to give the most people the most access to health care at the cheapest price, a free market system is quite possibly the worst way of going about it. Unfortunately, Paul is an ideologue, so will never let facts get in the way of argument.

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