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Quote of the Week: The Real Weiner Scandal

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Bob Cesca on predictable corporate media frenzy unleashed by the Anthony Weiner scandal:

When Anthony Weiner, John Ensign and others unfurl their penises in public, they supercharge the Underpants-Media-Consumer Complex. The news media reports it because thousands of us watch it -- tsk-tsking and tee-heeing. Why? Because the news media has been reporting it, so we watch it, and on and on and on. The circle of underpants. We blame the news media for being prurient and the news media blames us for forcing them to air it.

It's worth reading Cesca's article in full - it's an excellent overview of the dangerous outcomes a for profit media system creates and Bob has a few sensible suggestions as to how it could be changed.

Those news media outlets that ran the story as a headline piece should be ashamed of themselves. Yes, it was a scandal probably worth reporting on, but not on the front cover of a respected newspaper or at the top of a serious website. War, environmental catastrophe and large scale financial fraud should probably take precedent over Anthony Weiner's genetalia.

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