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Quote of the Day: Holier than Weiner

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, member of the United States House of Represe...

Chez Pazienza on America's inability to handle any issue involving sex:

For the record, I really am tired of public "sex scandals" -- particularly ones where there was nothing unlawful involved -- further diminishing our cultural discourse in this country and distracting the already easily distracted and titillated dingbats in the mainstream political press. And I can't stress intensely enough how this belief is in no way a sudden reaction to the fact that I happen to like Anthony Weiner. Yes, the occasionally sordid sexual escapades of our elected officials are a breeze to point and laugh at, but reacting with shock to the notion that somebody is capable of infidelity or enjoys, quite frankly, getting laid as often and as creatively as possible is just laughably puritanical.

Personally, I'm disappointed in Weiner - not because I have a problem understanding human sexuality, but because of his stupidity and ego. It's sad that he is cheating on his wife, and yes, you would like to think that guys like Weiner would hold himself to a slightly higher moral standard, but ultimately he has frivolously rolled the dice on a very worthy career as a public official because of vanity.

I hope Weiner's career doesn't end over this, but he knows the game: In America, sex and politics don't mix, and he is learning that the hard way.

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