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Sarah Palin Come Back?

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Sarah Palin is back in the news in what looks like an attempt to make a second pre-run run at the Presidency. There have been a series of carefully orchestrated photo ops showcasing her 'Americanness'; Palin hanging with Hells Angels, Palin in front of the Statue of Liberty, Palin hanging with Donald Trump, with more apparently on the menu from her quickly organized bus tour around the country.

Palin fell from grace a few months ago after badly misjudging the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy and making the horrific event about herself. Her response was so narcissistic and ill timed that even her die hard fans seemed to wither away, and asides from Sean Hannity, no one was willing to risk their reputation to defend her. It looked like the game was over for Palin, as she had finally managed to implode to the point of no return. But like a star boxer who loses by brutal knockout, retirement from the limelight was simply too difficult to walk away from. There is always money to be made from stars, and someone somewhere will finance a comeback of even the lowliest attractions in the name of making a buck or two.

Palin is still a lucrative product, and despite her drastically reduced fan base, there's still enough people left to sell some t-shirts to and pack out a few stadiums in the midwest. Because lets be clear - Sarah Palin cannot conceivably win the GOP primaries and she cannot conceivably take on the President. Her backers must know this, so their motives must lie elsewhere.

Palin is a cash cow, and she is being dragged out to perform to her audience like Celine Dion was when she moved to Las Vegas for a stable pay check. Like the former Canadian mega star, Palin is no longer an A-list attraction and can only now play to her niche.

Everyone seems to be in on the action - the news networks are hopping around her tour bus trying to ask her questions, and every presenter from Fox to CNN has included segments about her on their shows. It looks like Palin will run for President, and the networks and her backers are licking their lips with anticipation. There will be hour long specials, book deals, exclusive interviews, more reality shows, etc etc and it will get dragged out for months.

This is what passes for politics in America, and it's about to go into overdrive.