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Why is the Media Taking Andrew Breitbart Seriously?

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I refuse to take any 'story' Andrew Breitbart breaks seriously because the man has a track record of lying and manipulating the press to serve his own needs. So why the main stream media is taking his claims about Anthony Weiner and his supposed scandal seriously is beyond me. Breitbart has been exposed again and again and it's about time supposedly serious new organizations stopped having him on. As Bob Cesca rightfully asks:

Cable News People, stop reporting this story. And if you must cover it, the only angle here is that Andrew Breitbart — a known flim-flam artist — is playing another obvious trick and trying to get away with it. Investigate that. Cover the fact that Breitbart is a professional troll who has no business being taken seriously by anyone. Shy of this angle, stop it. Stop it, stop it, stop it.

I understand that Breitbart is good for ratings, but at some point, the relentless battle to be more entertaining than the other news networks must become self defeating. When news becomes a comedy show, it ceases to be news. Breitbart should be fodder for comedians and late night talk shows, not a respected media figure brought on CNN to give insight and analysis. It's embarassing to say the least and another nail in the coffin for the once respected news industry in America.

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