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Quote of the Day: Celebrity Pseudoscience

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It's simply staggering, though, that with all the medical advancements of the last several centuries -- with all we've learned about the human body and how to fix it when something goes wrong -- there are still people out there who feel more comfortable sucking on a piece of licorice root or aligning their Chakras than listening to a doctor or taking medication.

Chez Pazienza on celebrity endorsed pseudoscientific treatments

I used to be a big fan of alternative medicine until a close relative of mine got very, very sick. Staying with them in hospital for 5 weeks convinced me that while chiropractic care, acupuncture and organic foods are certainly good for you, they are no substitute for real medicine endorsed by real doctors. I now find it hilarious when advocates of nonsense like homeopathy try to argue that their 'medicine' works (it doesn't - there is absolutely no scientific evidence that homeopathy is effective), and refuse to engage in debate with them. I do believe in the power of placebo, and perhaps homeopathy works in that regard, but if I go diagnosed with cancer, I sure as hell wouldn't take watered down snake venom in place of chemotherapy.

The problem with practitionners of alternative medicine is that they don't understand the scientific process. If their treatments actually worked, it would then become science, and cease to be alternative.

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