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Chris Hedges on Liberal Sell Outs

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In response to the liberal media's hostile reaction to Cornel West's tirade against Obama, Chris Hedges counters with a withering critique of what he sees as the dissipating left in America:

The liberal class, by allowing radical movements to be dismembered through Red baiting and by banishing those within its ranks who had moral autonomy, gradually deformed basic liberal tenets to support unfettered capitalism, the national security state, globalization and permanent war. Liberalism, cut off from the radical roots of creative and bold thought, merged completely with the corporate power elite. The liberal class at once was betrayed and betrayed itself. And it now functions like a commercial brand, giving a different flavor, face or spin to the ruthless mechanisms of corporate power. This, indeed, is the primary function of Barack Obama.

In the scheme of things, I tend to agree with Hedge's analysis of the American political system - I don't necessarily agree with the tone or the vicious attacks against those who disagree with him, but the prevalent point that unfettered capitalism is now a major philosophical tenet of both political parties is deeply troubling. West's critique of Obama wasn't pleasant to listen to particularly for liberals who have religiously supported him, but it doesn't mean it wasn't true.