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Quote of the Day: Gibson's Beaver Flop

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I haven't seen Mel Gibson's new film 'The Beaver', not because of his latest racist outburst (I actually think he's mentally ill), but mainly because it looks absolutely awful. And according to the Guardian's Peter Bradshaw, I'm not wrong:

A number of questions suggest themselves: can Gibson play comedy, of any tone or hue? Can he project an underlying sympathy or charm in his character? Can he make the Aussie-Michael-Caine accent funny or interesting in any way? Can Jodie Foster, as director, help him?

The answer in each case is "No", written in letters big enough to be seen from space.

The movie was a box office disaster and no one seems to want to work with him any more. Looks like Mel will need to do a lot more to rehabilitate his image, and his career.

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