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Quote of the Day: Dangerous Rapper Fails to Destroy White House

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Oliver Willis on rapper Common's trip to the White House:

Much to the chagrin of the right-wing, Obama’s plan to install a global caliphate new world order via hip hop infused poetry failed to work.

Here are some of the subversive lyrics Common attacked the decency and moral standing of the White House with:

“I woke up with the sunshine, a sunshine I had never seen. There was light at the end of it, reminding me to forever dream. I was dreaming I walked into the White House with love on my sleeve and love for each and every one of you, reminding you to believe.”

I now see why Sean Hannity and the Fox News gang were so horrified. Not only should this man never be allowed near respectable politicians, he should be in jail for treason. 'Reminding you to believe'?!?!? Sounds communist to me.