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Jon Stewart Smashes Fox over Rapper Controversy

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It is becoming abundantly clear that the GOP and Fox News are in a state of meltdown after an epic few weeks for the President. Having released his long form birth certificate, killed Osama Bin Laden and performed brilliantly at the White House correspondents dinner, the Right is throwing literally anything at the President to counter his rise in popularity. This now appears to include attacking him for inviting the rapper 'Common' to the White House because according to Sean Hannity, his lyrics are incendiary (anyone who knows anything about 'Common' knows he is more of a poet than a rapper, and a brilliant lyricist who promotes peace and spirituality with playful metaphors). It is too sad to go in to - Common's lyrics are not in any way promoting violence, and his visit to the White House should be about as controversial as the annual White House Easter Egg hunt.

I'll leave the heavy lifting to Jon Stewart and his team, who take Fox to task in every way imaginable. This is one of the most thorough and hilarious take downs I have seen from Stewart, who is clearly bored to tears having to point out day after day how childishly hypocritical the Fox News Network has become:

The Daily Show - Tone Def Poetry Jam - Lyrics Controversy
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