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Conservatives Causing Youth Unemployment in UK

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The New Statesman reports on a trend that was falling under Labour:

Youth unemployment among 16-24 year olds, which was falling when Labour left office, has risen from 919,000 to 963,000 under the coalition, the highest level since records began.

Are there any more indicators we need to look at to understand that Conservative economic policies are not working? Under Cameron and Chancellor Osborne, the UK is being subjected to vicious cuts across the board that is resulting in prolonged misery for the economy - a common trait of countries using austerity measures to combat economic contraction.

Will the British government listen? Unlikely. They are more interested in ideology than reality, and no matter the consequence, Cameron and his government will see through the radical transformation of the British nation. The results won't be pretty for much of the country, but as long as the rich and powerful are catered to, it doesn't matter much to the Tories.