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Shock: Newt Gingrich is Running for President

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Unfortunately, it's true, Newt Gingrich is running for President:

What more is there to say about a man so narcissistic and cruel that he left two wives in the midst of serious illness (the first was recovering from uterine cancer, and the second had developed MS)?

I normally hate to bring up the personal lives of politicians and would rather focus on their politics, but Newt Gingrich is such a monstrous egomaniac, I believe his personal indiscretions are highly relevant.

This is a man who should not be running for President of the United States.

All politicians have giant egos, but most of the prominent ones at least believe in something bigger than themselves. I would even go as far as to say that George Bush genuinely believed he was doing good for the country (despite the overwhelming evidence he wasn't), but a character like Gingrich is probably the most dangerous breed of politician around, because he cares only about himself.

Gingrich will literally say anything to make himself relevant - including supporting the invasion of Libya at the begining of the month when it looked uncertain as to whether the US would get involved, then opposing it at the end of the month when President Obama committed to action.

Gingrich's astonishing cruelty to his wives is symptomatic of a person willing to discard anything he finds un useful in the present. Gingrich sees his wives and political positions as being disposable in the name of power and relevance. If Gingrich can find a fresher, better wife or policy, he'll take it. Nothing in his life is sacred enough to stand by regardless of its popularity, and you can bet Gingrich will put himself above the welfare of the American people should he find himself occupying the White House.

I'd take Donald Trump over this joker simply because while Trump is an egomaniac, he isn't nasty like Gingrich.

Newt is also smart enough to make things happen when in power. His policies are a dangerous concoction of imperial militarism and extreme free market ideology - a particularly lethal combination that saw America's virtual collapse at the end of the last decade. Unlike Bush, Gingrich understands full well what he is doing, and the damage he could do to the country is limitless.

While Gingrich's announcement may be perceived as somewhat of a joke, he should be taken seriously by the Democrats who need to gear up for a potential rival who will evidently go to any lengths to attain power.