Lawrence O'Donnell Eviscerates NBC Over Donald Trump


Rarely in the corporate world do you get outright dissent against the people who pay your salary. Americans profess to love democracy, but few demand it in the work place and are content to check in at the same time day after day and sit at the same desk year after year in order to pick up a paycheck. But every now and then, groups amass and confront their bosses demanding better treatment or more pay, and even more rarely, a lone figure stands up to his or her boss and outright challenges the whole system.

Last night on MSNBC, Lawrence O'Donnell did just that and eviscerated the entertainment division of NBC for continuing to employ Donald Trump in light of his despicable statements about the President's birth place. O'Donnell's 15 minute segment is worth listening to in its entirety as he lays out a clear and airtight case for Trump's dismissal, and emotionally appeals to his co-workers morality and sense of decency. O'Donnell correctly ascribes Trump's outrageous slandering of the President to racism and race baiting, accusing Trump of grotesque opportunism and tarnishing the name of NBC. O'Donnell deserves a medal for this, and will rightly go down as one of the bravest television hosts in recent times. It's not often you get to watch moments like this on television, so savor it:

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