The Problem with Drones: They Vaporize People


Adam Serwer over at 'The Plum Line' doesn't agree with David Ignatius's assertion that the use of drones are unpopular in the Middle East because they are a 'symbol of arrogance':

The problem with drones in Afghanistan in Pakistan is not that they’re “a symbol of arrogance.” It’s that they’re flying robots that vaporize people from the sky, up to a third of whom have been civilians, according to an analysis by the New America Foundation.

The news that the Obama Administration is using drones in the assault on Libya is dismaying to say the least. It is another sign of just how misguided and immoral the war on the third Middle Eastern country is, and proof that the current air strikes are not working. It is also a possible precursor to a ground assault - a nightmire scenario that will plunge the US deeper into another unwinnable war.