Atlas Shrugged Review


No, I didn't see the movie, but Matt Osborne did and was not exactly impressed. It was so bad, it may actually help disprove Rand's Darwinian theory about success. Writes Matt:

The main achievement of this film may be to form a perfect albatross for the neck of Ayn Rand; along the way, it aims to appear on the television sets of evangelical families for the next millennium.

I hope it fails.

If the movie continues to get panned by literally everyone who sees it, does this mean Rand's ideas and those who have deified her are so stupid they must be considered a failure? After all, the geniuses behind the movie who believe they have been divinely ordained to spread the gospel of free market capitalism must, by their own logic, be failures if it doesn't work.

This is the conundrum free market militants often find themselves in - their ideas fail spectacularly, and by their own logic, must accept their position as failures. Yet they do not, and continue to spout a philosophy that apparently does not apply to them.