Quote of the Day: American Communism


Robert Scheer asks that we accept the true nature of American 'capitalism':

It is time to admit that we are, in practice if not surface appearance, close to the Chinese communist model of state-sponsored capitalism that sacrifices the interests of ordinary workers, be they in the public or private sector, for the exorbitant profits of the super-rich.

It is amazing that anyone mildly financially literate cannot see the extraordinary hypocrisy when it comes to the rhetoric of the business community and their actions. America is not and has never been a free market economy, at least not in regards to the rich. They are the recipients of continuous bailouts, tax cuts, 0% interest loans, and trade agreements that protect them from foreign (and domestic) competition. The free market does exist, but only for the poor and middle classes. In those economic brackets, you survive the free market, or you die.