Quote of the Day: Giving Donald Trump What he Wants



Greg Sargent asks for sanity when it comes to fact checking GOP hopeful Donald Trump:

People, please: Can we stop pretending there’s any point to fact-checking Donald Trump’s increasingly buffoonish birther claims? He wants us to debunk them, preferably as loudly as possible. This gives him exactly what he wants: Enhanced credibility among the subset of Americans who think it’s a badge of honor to be called out for brave truth-telling by the mainstream media outlets who are conspiring to cover up the truth about Barack Obama’s illegitimacy as president.

I purposely haven't mentioned Trump on this site because he simply isn't a serious person. The entire concept that a failed property tycoon and a reality show star is somehow qualified to be President is nothing more than a bad joke. Unfortunately, in America, it's something of a prerequisite, but I'm not biting until the man's name is on the ballot. Trump is a media creation - a stupendously greedy and ambitious man of limited intelligence who has found 'success' by imposing his ego on the American business community and media world. Trump's foray into the Presidential election is like an extended version of Jersey Shore - a breath takingly awful freak show that refuses to go away and consumes disproportionate media attention because it draws viewers. I don't have much else to say on the man, and don't intend to take anything he says remotely seriously.