Why Romney Can't be President


GOP strategist Mark McKinnon outlines why Mitt Romney is barking up the wrong tree when it comes to 2010:

He is an entirely conventional candidate in an entirely unconventional time in American politics. People don't want the Cola. They want the Un-Cola.
He may try to make the moves, but he sure doesn't look or sound like a Tea Party candidate. And the more he makes the moves, the more he looks like the human pretzel he became in 2008, when he contorted himself to try to please the right wing of the party.
The No. 1 issue for Republicans in 2012 is going to be President Obama's health-care law. And Romney is already wrapping himself around the axle trying to explain how the health plan he engineered in Massachusetts is substantially different than Obama’s. And how is this for irony: Romney announced his exploratory committee on the fifth anniversary of “Romneycare.”
Nobody really thinks or talks about Romney as the prohibitive favorite he ought to be.

Watching Romney squirm on TV is fast becoming a favorite hobby of mine. The poor chap has all the right credentials, but the personality of a dead fish and is about the most unconvincing liar in Washington. I think this is actually a good thing as it shows Romney isn't completely void of human emotions (as compared to pathological liar and all round unpleasant human being Newt Gingrich), but nevertheless, he will make for excellent comedic cannon fodder in election season.