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Blogosphere Reacts to GOP Budget Proposal

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The blogosphere reacts to Paul Ryan's budget proposal that threatens to privatize medicaire and medicaid, make huge cuts to social welfare, and amazingly reduce unemployement to levels never seen before in America:

Paul Krugman:

Except briefly during the Korean War, the United States has never achieved unemployment as low as Ryan and co. are claiming. The Fed believes that the lowest unemployment rate compatible with price stability is between 5 and 6 percent — that is, twice what Ryan is claiming he will achieve.

This is ridiculous; it’s megalomaniacal. If Obama tried to claim that his policies would achieve anything like this, he’d be laughed out of office.


Andrew Sullivan:

My objection to the Ryan plan really comes down to the injustice of imposing major sacrifices for the poor and elderly, while exempting the wealthy from any sacrifice at all.

This is because of Ryan's and the GOP's intransigent, doctrinaire refusal to bring taxes back to their Clinton-era or Reagan-era levels, even as they have given themselves a great opportunity to raise revenues as painlessly as possible.

Bob Cesca:

But Paul Ryan is "bold and brave" for coming up with such awfulness,according to the Washington corporate press. Shame on all of them.

Taylor Marsh:

I’ve never seen anything like what’s going on with this budget, never mind that Rep. Paul Ryan hasn’t earned and doesn’t deserve such limelight. That he’s getting away with it is monumentally embarrassing.Seriously, ending Medicare in ten years, then gutting Social Security? The man thinks math doesn’t impact living, breathing people. Not only is what he’s suggesting horrific public policy, but it will devastate the lives of scores of people if it’s enacted and cause retirement plan managers to jump off roofs.