Quote of the Day: Obama's Accomplishments


In light of the official announcement that President Obama has filed papers for the 2012 election, Andrew Sullivan warns the Democrats that they should not rely on his personal approval ratings alone:

My only concern is that Obama should not downplay his actual policy achievements. He needs to re-emphasize his role in stabilizing a world economy in free-fall, preventing the collapse of the US car industry, saving the banks and getting a surplus for it, and presiding over the seismic events in the Middle East with coolness (the one glaring exception being the rescue of Benghazi).

There are many things Obama could have done better (or not done at all), but he has certainly steered America away from the disastrous path set by the Bush Administration and set the foundation for a far more stable future. He still remains the only viable candidate from the Left, and everyone should stop kidding themselves that a Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader can rescue America and turn it in to a socialist paradise. They can't, and the sooner we get behind the President, the better.