Great News on Rain Forest Preservation


Most news reported is overwhelmingly negative (it probably wouldn't sell otherwise), so with great pleasure, The Daily Banter can finally link to an inspiring story that has the potential to do enormous good. From the Guardian:

Guyana and Norway's leadership is seen in the second stage of a ground-breaking deal through which one (Norway) makes annual payments to the other (Guyana) to keep its forests. The amount of money to change hands is calculated on the basis of how well Guyana has done in holding back deforestation, and the value of that in terms of avoided carbon dioxide emissions. A complex calculation is made to determine how well the recipient country has done but this year $40m is being transferred.

Guyana spends the money paid by Norway - a total of $250m spread over a period of years - on projects that will help with environmentally sound development, for example through funding solar panels on all the houses belonging to the indigenous people. In remote rainforests these are no fashion accessories. They are the means for children to read books at night and mark the end of the kerosene lamps and candles which cause indoor air pollution and fire hazards.

This doesn't solve the overwhelming problems of rapidly increasing CO2 emissions or the destruction of planetary eco systems, but it is a start.