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Is Newt Gingrich the Most Shameless Politican Ever?

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I had to watch these two videos twice to make sure I heard Newt Gingrich correctly. No kidding, in one interview Gingrich bangs the drums for war with Libya telling the presenter that the US doesn't need to ask anyone's permission to bomb Gaddafi and that it is a moral imperative for the United States to get rid of a dicatator, then in the next interview 16 days later, Gingrich is condemning Obama's decision to exactly what he prescribed. I guess you have to credit the sheer audacity Gingrich displays when contradicting himself without batting an eyelid, but this is absolutely astonishing. Here's the March 7th version of Newt Gingrich (H/t Chez):

And the March 23rd Gingrich: