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Libyans Capable of Fighting Their Own War

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Matt Osborne weighs in on intervening in Libya:

I'm pretty familiar with Ghaddafi's history and the situation that's unfolding in Libya, and from all reports so far it looks like the Libyans themselves are taking the lead. Egypt has been supplying the rebels for days and the Europeans will likely take the lead on maintaining a no-fly zone. I'd just prefer to see the Libyans do this with as little help as possible, really.

And that's the point here: the war is already happening. It's a full-blown conflict that can either linger, dividing that country in two, or end in a quick victory by the tyrant or the people. The last outcome is the best of all because it keeps the bleeding down and leaves an opening for a new Libya without destroying the old one by attrition. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Again, it is easy to claim moral high ground when supporting military intervention in a foreign conflict. But only easy when your children or family are not the ones doing the intervening. While I hate dictatorships and brutal governments as much as anyone else, I am not putting my life on the line to end them.