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Tree Huggers vs Religious Right

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A reader defends Rush Limbaugh's unbelievably offensive comments on Japan:

Seems like they are asking the question of why would mother nature do this to Japan. What makes it funny is that the left tree huggers always point to places that are so earth friendly like Japan versus the US obviously filled with those horrible concervatives [sic] who hate the planet. So when mother nature erupts on the good planet and then there is the farce idiot on the tape, it seems to cry out for someone to poke some fun.Last time I looked, the daily show does much the same thing..

Other than the awful grammar and incoherent rambling ('then there is the farce idiot on the tape'?!?), the reader's point, or at least what I can make of it, is completely nonsensical. 'Tree Huggers' are usually highly intelligent people who believe in science and the laws of ecology. They care about the future of humanity and the planet, and don't believe 'Mother Nature' favors countries that attempt to limit their carbon emissions and promote sustainability. They also understand that natural disasters can happen anywhere.

On the other hand, the religious Right believes that the environment is there for Americans to power their Hummers, and that a white bearded man in the sky doles out natural disasters according to incoherent religious texts written thousands of years ago and a distaste for anyone not American.

Tree huggers didn't laugh at the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and anyone who finds humor in the devastating effects of a nuclear reactor meltdown and Tsunami in Japan shouldn't dare equate themselves with them.